August 11th 2016 saw

Websockets and Torrents - A match made in PHP

by James Mallison ( @J7mbo )

James Mallison (@J7mbo) is a software Engineer with specific interests in Technical and Software Architecture. 


Websockets are a protocol allowing bi-directional, full-duplex data transfer over a single connection. 

Learning how to implement real push notifications opens up the world of event-driven programming and what better language to take a look at this technology with than PHP? 

This talk involves the story of a mostly legal side project of mine involving torrenting, data transfer and the joys of event-driven programming. 

Walking away you should have a clearer understanding of websockets, some of the tools and libraries available to help you on your way, commercial options, and how to buy a VPS anonymously to download your legal Ubuntu torrents on.

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