The Serverless Way

on October 11th 2018

For our October meetup, we welcome back Rob Allen (@akrabat) to tell us all about The Serverless Way.

Serverless applications feel different and you need know why! In this talk I will look at how to design your application the serverless way.

The session will discuss how serverless applications embrace cloud services and live in a world where there are many separate parts, each responsible to for one thing. I'll cover the architectural patterns we use to design a serverless application including handling their stateless nature, how to use multiple functions for a task and leveraging event processing to trigger further functions. I will then be turning my attention to showing you how to put these into practice by looking at how they can be implemented in an Apache OpenWhisk application.

By the end of the session, you'll be well placed to design and build your own serverless apps that take full advantage of the decentralised world they live in.


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