What's new in PHP 7.4, and coming up in PHP 8

on April 9th 2020

Presented by Derick Rethans. During this presentation, we are going to look at the new features that were
introduced in PHP 7.4. Join me to have a look at how the type system is
strengthened with typed properties and co- and contra-variance of methods,
what changes to operator precedence are, and which new features, such as
pre-loading classes, are going to be introduced.

At the end you will have a good understand about all the new and exciting
features that are going to be part of the recent PHP 7.4 release.

After we have looked at what you can already use, we'll have a preview of PHP
8, with its JIT, Union Types and other new features.

This is a online event

We are still running PHPMinds of course during lockdown we are online, during the Coronavirus pandemic stay safe, stay at home and enjoy PHPMinds great content from there. Platform and login details will be posted here and on meetup prior the event.



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