October 13th 2016 saw

PHPSchool.io at PHPMINDS

by PHP School ( @PHPSchoolTeam )

PHP School takes over PHPMiNDS for a special event where we invite absolute beginners to advanced programmers. We will run through our first core workshop, Learn You PHP! in a fun and friendly environment. Everybody is welcome. 

Want to learn PHP from scratch? Want to learn a new skill? PHP School workshops are self-guided PHP challenges - Go at your own pace and pick or skip lessons! The workshops are open source and you can absolutely build your own with the documentation at  https://www.phpschool.io/docs Everything at PHP School is open source and free.

As well as learning how to up your PHP skills, you will learn about PHP School and how you can get involved.

PHP School workshops run on the command line, so bring in your laptop or pair up with someone, you will be writing the code and attempting the challenges yourselves!

More seasoned programmers can work on building their own workshop or mentoring others.

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